In order to use the Arise Platform, the system and equipment policy must be met. 

You can use either a Desktop or Laptop to service any of Arise Work From Home clients. The computer will need to meet a minimum spec requirement which is a Dual-Core CPU with 2.8GHz and 4GB’s of RAM with Internet Connection.

You will need a USB Headset which plugs into your desktop or laptop via a USB port. This will be your headset throughout all of training.

You will also need a dialpad with a headset. This will be used to take live calls for Arise Work From Home clients.  It’ll be connected to you POTS or VoIP service by the cat3 cable.

You can view the in depth technical requirements here.

If you are looking for equipment that meets the Arise Technical Requirements than I recommend you check out our Arise Work From Home equipment recommendations below for all your equipment needs from computer to the complete set up. We want you to help you keep your expenses at the lowest price imaginable.


Recommended Equipment 1Recommended Equipment 2

Recommended Equipment 3Recommended Equipment 4

Monitors Or Towers Only

Headsets & Accessories

Recommended Equipment 5Recommended Equipment 6