Step 1: Create A Profile

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The Profile is where you enter your basic information, such as contact information. You can complete a Profile and the Admissions process at

During this process you will be asked if you were referred to Arise by someone. Please fill in our Agent ID:  and the name Danielle Ford (Owner of FACS) will populate or the Agent ID of your friend that referred you. By doing this you may qualify for special referral incentives $$$!

Also, if you are Military, under “How did you hear about Arise” be sure to choose Military. Military receive special discounts.

*Please note: You MUST use the name that is associated with your Drivers License and Social Security. If you have recently been married or had a name change, you must make sure that your documents have been updated to match your last name before registering.

After creating your profile you will sign your Arise Non-Disclosure Agreement.