Why Choose Us As Your Arise IBO?

Arise IBO #81394
Benefits Of Partnering With Ford & Associates Client Services
  • Free direct deposit of your earnings
  • We provide invoices to our valued CSP’s so you will know exactly what you earn.
  • We do not keep any bonuses or incentives earned by our CSP’s. Unlike other IBO’s who keep a percentage, if not the whole thing.
  • Referral Program
  • Birthday Incentives
  • Certification Class Payment Plans
Lowest Arise IBO Fees Around
  • We only charge a low flat rate of $34.75 per pay which includes your Arise service fees which are $19.75 bi-weekly. Nothing else but $34.75 is deducted bi-weekly. When you join an Arise affiliated IBO they all charge fees. Ours is one of the lowest fees out there!
  • Most IBO’s charge 5 to 10% of all your earnings. We do not charge a percentage which will allow you to keep more of what you earn. For example if you earn $1500 in one month most other IBO’s will charge a $150 fee for you being part of their IBO. There are also some IBO’s who say they don’t have an IBO fee but keep $1 to $2 of your hourly rate and/or keep all your incentives and bonuses. We only charge a flat $30 a month. No hidden fees. No other costs. And you get to keep your hard earned bonuses and incentives.
With Arise, you can register as a:
Individual Sole Proprietor
  • With this option, the business relationship is between you and Arise. We are no longer the middleman. Thus meaning any legal issues, disputes, taxes, direct deposit, etc. will have to and only be done through you. This eliminates us as a Call Center representing and defending on your behalf.
  • You will also miss out having the ability to receive incentives or course vouchers providing you with free courses which allows you to save revenue. These options are available to Call Center Owners or Agents under a Call Center​
New Call Center Business
  • With this option, you are able to recruit agents – however, you are solely responsible for filing for a LLC, Corp, or S-Corp, maintaining a registered agent for your business, acquiring a business bank account, any legal issues, disputes, taxes, direct deposit for you and your agents. 
Agent Working for a Call Center (Recommended)
  • We simply recommend this if you want to have that overhead protection. Registering under a Call Center gives you that level of protection in all aspects. We are the ones who will dispute anything you have with Arise, handle all legal matters on your behalf, handle your taxes, your direct deposit, etc. We represent as the middleman between you, Arise and the client.
  • This option also gives you the ability to receive incentives (save a lot of money) and course vouchers (receive free course) when you register under a Call Center.
  • Registering under us also gives you that level of support to ensure you have a direct line of communication with a representative here who will ensure you understand the platform, assist you where needed, and fight on your behalf to ensure your success.

Arise IBO #81394

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